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White Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

White Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

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SAGE - Certified organic white sage smudge sticks grown in California.
These organic smudge sticks are made from single cuttings of smudge which means there is less loss and breakage of the leaves. Their scent is even more intense than standard white sage and their colour can be more varied as a result of being a completely natural product.
Our supplier is committed to growing and harvesting sage in a completely sustainable manner and as a result the quality and love shines through in this beautiful product.
White Sage has been considered sacred by Native Americans.
It is famous for its cleansing, purifying and protective features.
Native Americans have been using white sage as a sacred sage for during rituals and ceremonies for its ability to get rid of negative energy and vibes. The most common ritual of burning sage is known as smudging.
To smudge, light the sage and let it catch fire, gently blow out the flame and let it smoulder.
You can smudge yourself or others, your home, work or any space you are in.
Once you are finished you can put the smudge stick out by gently smothering the burning end in a bowl or sand.

PALO SANTO - Palo Santo or “Holy Wood” is a sacred tree that grows in South America. Traditionally this earthy scented wood was used by shamans, healers and elders in ritual prayer, purification ceremonies and for healing purposes.
This Palo Santo wood is from naturally fallen palo trees that has been lying peacefully for an extended period after which they are then dried, aged and now burned during rituals.
Palo Santo purifies negative energies and attracts positive ones. It is also well know for its healing properties - relieves headaches and helps with the common cold, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation and effects of allergies.
Today, the harvesting of Palo Santo wood is strictly regulated with the same guiding principles.
Our manufacturers ensure this holy wood is treated with respect and per required practice only uses naturally fallen down trees that have been lying peacefully for between 4-10 years.
Every fallen down tree that is taken is replaced with a seedling working towards continuously restoring the Palo Santo population.

Light the stick and let it burn for a couple of seconds before carefully blowing it out, let the smoke cleanse your home, crystals and your space.

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